Drake Law School and the Editorial Board and Staff of the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the following founding sponsors, who have made possible the creation and publication of the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law:

American Agricultural Law Association
Farm Foundation
Iowa Farm Bureau and Affiliated Companies
Neal Smith, LW ’50, and Bea Smith, LW ’50
William Engelbrecht, LW ’51, and David Engelbrecht, LW ’82
Wilbur J. Latham, LW ’67
Roscoe Riemenschneider, LW ’35
Elliot E. Cooper, Sr., LW ’51
Ronald E. Mason, LW ’51
Gordon L. Madson, LW ’57
Charles L. Elson, LW ’47
Gaukel Nevins & Westergaard
Professor Neil D. Hamilton
Lawrence P. Van Werden, LW ’66
John D. Lloyd, LW ’74
Myron L. Gookin, LW ’83