Spring 2011
Volume 16, No.1

Thirty-First Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

The Importance of a Legal Education
Theodore A. Feitshans

A Lease-based Approach to Sustainable Farming, Part II: Farm Tenancy Trends and the Outlook for Sustainability on Rented Land
Edward Cox

Why Rural Policy Now Matters to Agriculture: Rural Development, Regional Innovation, and the Next Farm Bill
Charles W. Fluharty

Protecting Equine Rescue from Being Put Out to Pasture: Whether Ranches Dedicated to Absued, Abandoned, and Aging Horses May Qualify for “Agricultural” Classifications Under Florida’s Greenbelt Law
Michael T. Olexa, Joshua A. Cossey & Katherine Smallwood

Mudslinging on the Missouri: Can Endangered Species Survive the Clean Water Act?
Sandra Zellmer

Moving Toward Food Democracy: Better Food, New Farmers, and the Myth of Feeding the World
Neil D. Hamilton

Wanted: Farmer-Friendly Climate Change Legislation
Erin Benoy

From Farm to School Through the Statehouse: The Importance of State Legislation for Iowa’s Farm to School Program
Ashley Leyda

Pigs-In-A-Blanket: How Current Meat Inspection Regulations Wrap America in False Security
Andrea M. Repphun

Summer 2011
Volume 16, No.2

From the Land that Brought You Mary Pickford, Raymond Burr, Pamela Anderson and William Shatner: A Warp Speed Overview of Canadian Agricultural Law and History
Stan Benda

Securing the Momentum: Could a Homestead Act Help Sustain Detroit Urban Agriculture?
Dana Christensen

What Ever Happened to Veggie Libel? Why Plaintiffs Are Not Using Agricultural Product Disparagement Statutes
Sara Lunsford Kohen

Medical Marijuana Zoned Out: Local Regulation Meets State Acceptance and Federal Quiet Acquiescence
Patricia E. Salkin & Zachary Kansler

You’re Not the Boss of Me: An Analysis of GIPSA’s Authority to Regulate Private Contracting in the Beef Industry
Rachael L. Dettmann

What’s That Smell: Septic Systems and Iowa’s Time of Transfer Law
Matt Sease

Did Equine Liability Acts Save the Horse Industry?
Jacqueline Sweet

Fall 2011
Volume 16, No.3

When the “Plain Text” Isn’t So Plain: How National Pork Producers Council Restricts the Clean Water Act’s Purpose and Impairs Its Enforcement Against Factory Farms
Christopher R. Brown

International Agricultural Pragmatics: An Inquiry of the Orthodox Economic Breakdowns and an Evaluation of Solutions with the Food Sovereignty Movement
Nathaniel Vargas Gallegos

Industry Overboard: How the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Affected the Gulf Coast Commercial Fishing Industry and Statutory Recommendations for Future Protection
Devin C. Kelly

Stop Planting! The 1985 Farm Bill, Conservation Compliance, and America’s Agricultural Conservation Failure
Kevin C. Rigdon

The Answer, My Friend, is Blown’ in the Wind: Nuisance Suits and the Perplexing Future of American Wind Farms
Renner Walker