Spring 1999
Volume 4, No.1

Nineteenth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Educational Conference Symposium

Networking Within the Agricultural Community
Paul L. Wright

World Production Update: Why Agricultural Lawyers Need to Know About International Trade Law
Donald Buckingham

A Changing Agricultural Law for a Changing Agriculture
Neil D. Hamilton

The Family-Owned Business Deduction: Still in Need of Repairs
Neil E. Harl

Recent Federal Farm Program Developments
Christopher R. Kelley

Professional Legal Organizations on the Internet: Websites and Ethics
Drew L. Kershen

Adhesion Contracts, Bad Faith, and Economically Faulty Contracts
J.W. Looney and Anita L. Poole

Ten Limitations to Ponder on Farm Limited Liability Companies
Jesse Richardson Jr. and L. Leon Geyer

Financing the Agricultural Operation: Recent Developments and Current Trends
Susan A. Schneider

Policy in Flux: The European Union’s Laws on Agricultural Biotechnology and Their Effects on International Trade
Terence P. Stewart and David S. Johanson

Intellectual Property Protection and Its Impact on the U.S. Seed Industry
Debra L. Blair

How to Save America’s Depleting Supply of Farmland
David L. Szlanfucht

Conservation Easements: Minimizing Taxes and Maximizing Land
Stephanie L. Sandre

Winter 1999
Volume 4, No.2

Crop Share Arrangements and the Family Farm Corporation: Planning Needed for Tax-Free Separation of Business
Scott E. Copple

Anti-Corporate, Agricultural Cooperative Laws and the Family Farm
Matthew M. Harbur

The Restructuring of Agribusiness Operations—From a Tax Perspective
James R. Monroe

Federal Regulation of Agricultural Trade Options
Michael S. Sackheim

Food Fight: A Victory in the Ongoing Battle Against Seedborne Bacterial Disease
Nancy C. Hodge

Workers’ Compensation and the Agricultural Exemption: An American Tragedy for Farmers and Injured Farmhand
Heather L. Palmer

Growing Crime: The Rising Use of Fertilizer for Illegal Purposes and the Need for Stricter Regulations Concerning Its Sale and Storage
Charles C. Sinnard