Spring 2012
Volume 17, No.1

Thirty-Second Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

An Overview of USDA Discrimination Cases
Stephen Carpenter

The Technical and Ethical Challenges for Lawyers in Evaluating Wind Energy Development Agreements
Shannon L. Ferrell

Emerging Commercial Law and UCC Issues for the Next Farm and Business Credit Crisis
Alvin C. Harrell, Brooke Schumm III, Charles J. Sullivan & Drew K. Theophilus

Helping Landowners Help New Farmers: Incentive Programs and Other Legal Tools for Transitioning Land to the Next Generation of Farmers
Edward Cox

Where Is the Point? Water Quality Trading’s Inability to Deal with Nonpoint Source Agricultural Pollution
Corey Longhurst

Saving Us From Ourselves: The Government’s Role in Obesity and Personal Responsibility
Nicole Scott

The Good Food Fight for Good Samaritans: The History of Alleviating Liability and Equalizing Tax Incentives for Food Donors
Stacey H. Van Zuiden

Summer 2012
Volume 17, No.2

The Origins and Efficacy of Private Enforcement of Animal Cruelty Law in Britain
Jerry L. Anderson

Reforming the “Uncoordinated” Framework for Regulation of Biotechnology
Maria R. Lee-Muramato

Intellectual Property and Sharing Regimes in Agricultural Genomics: Finding the Right Balance for Innovation
Emily Marden & R. Nelson Godfrey

A Brief Survey of Important Legal Issues for Agricultural Employers
William T. Simmons

Iowa’s Property Tax System and the Agricultural Tie: Effect on Local Government Revenue Generation
Brad Hopkins

First Americans and the Federal Government: Tribal Consultation, Agriculture and a New Government-to-Government Relationship at the Start of the Twenty-First Century
Jase Jensen

Corn Flakes Aren’t Just for Kellogg’s: A Look at Corn Stover and Its Effect on Leasing in the Landlord-Tenant Farmer Relationship
Jack W. Leverenz

Fall 2012
Volume 17, No.3

A Practitioner’s Guide to the Litigation of Federally Reinsured Crop Insurance Claims
J. Grant Ballard

Place-Based Intellectual Property Strategies for Traditional and Local Agricultural Products: Acting Locally to Participate Globally in a Rights-Based Approach
Teshager W. Dagne

Keeping Bees in the City? Disappearing Bees and the Explosion of Urban Agriculture Inspire Urbanites to Keep Honeybees: Why City Leaders Should Care and What They Should Do About It
Kathryn A. Peters

The Agricultural Iron Curtain: Ag Gag Legislation and the Threat to Free Speech, Food Safety, and Animal Welfare
Sonci Kingery

Sin Embargo: The Cuban Agricultural Revolution and What It Means for the United States
Jacob Shkolnick

Reforming Alien Agricultural Landownership Restrictions in Corporate Farming Law States: A Constitutional and Policy View from Iowa
Grant Wilson