Established in 2023, The Green Issue (ISSN: 2995-6161) is a companion to the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law (the “Journal”). The Green Issue aims to enhance the Journal’s print issue by featuring timely pieces written by practitioners, scholars, and students. The Green Issue is published on a rolling basis. For submission inquiries, please reach out here.

Volume 1

The Black Box of Soil: A Blueprint for the Elusive Soil Carbon Offset Credits in a Potential National Cap-and-Trade Market

Michelle Furrer

Farm Labor Instability in the United States: Potential Successes and Shortcomings of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021

Tia Schwab

Arizona in Drought—Reexamining the Colorado River Compact

Carlos Lopez

Cultivating United States Pesticide Regulation: Sowing the Seeds of the European Union Reach Framework

Erica Hackett

Expanding the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law: The Green Issue

Karen Wallace, Madeline Hartley, & Cheyanne Leopard