Spring 2013
Volume 18, No.1

Thirty-Third Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

Developments in Federal Agricultural Law and Policy
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack

A New Higher Calling in Agricultural Law
Stephen Carpenter

2012 Developments in Food Law and Policy
Nicole M. Civita

The Future of Agricultural Law: A Generational Shift
Shannon L. Ferrell, Derrell Peel, Derrick Davies & Rodney Jones

Competition Issues Arising from Generic Biotech Crops
Norman W. Hawker

It’s Always a Good Time for a Beer, but What About the Hops?
Nick Cibula

Clean Energy or Dangerous Skies? Interactions Between the Wind Energy and Aerial Application Industries
Priyanth Manjooran

Finding Fields: Opportunities to Facilitate and Incentivize the Transfer of Agricultural Property to New and Beginning Farmers
Alecia Meuleners

The Food Safety Modernization Act’s Tester Amendment: Useful Safe Harbor for Small Farmers and Food Facilities or Weak Attempt at Scale-Appropriate Farm and Food Regulations?
Gregory M. Schieber

Summer 2013
Volume 18, No.2

Equine “Lemon” Law
Zachary T. Broome, Michael T. Olexa, and Nicole Kuncl

Organic Crops, Genetic Drift, and Commingling: Theories of Remedy and Defense
Shené Mitchell

Untested Pesticide Mitigation Requirements: Ecological, Agricultural, and Legal Implications
Nimish B. Vyas

A Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Surprise: Unpacking the FDA Ruling Against “Corn Sugar” as an Alternative Name for High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Tara Allstun

It Costs How Much to Get Rid Of My Horse?!? Why the Economic Down Turn Has Illustrated the Need for Horse Slaughter Facilities
Brenna (Robinson) Koehler

Where Is My Food From? Developments in the WTO Dispute over Country-Of-Origin Labeling for Food in the United States
Ashley Peppler

Fall 2013
Volume 18, No.3

How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm after Baur v. Baur Farms, Inc.? An Analysis and Defense of the “Reasonable Expectations” Standard for Iowa Oppression Cases
Matthew G. Doré, Neil D. Hamilton, Allan W. Vestal, and David S. Walker

Agricultural Law Developments in Cuba: Challenges and Opportunities
Emiliano Lerda

Deer and Animal Breeding, Preserve Hunting, and Governmental Interference: The Dilution and Unconstitutional Taking of Private Property by the State
Kurtis B. Reeg

The Ohio Livestock Care Standards as a Blueprint for Livestock Welfare Policy
Ellen Essman

Government-Funded Nutritional Assistance Programs and Farmers’ Markets
Krissa K. Mason

The Voices of Corn-Based Ethanol: Another Look at the Ongoing Food vs. Fuel Debate over Ethanol Mandates and Waivers in Light of the 2012 Drought
Sarah J. Wendler

Dredged, Filled, Plowed, and Planted: The Deficiencies of Wetland Protection in the United States
Jacob Hughes