Spring 2007
Volume 12, No.1

Twenty-Seventh Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

American Agricultural Law Association: Past, Present and Future
Donal L. Uchtmann

An Awkward Adolescence in the Organics Industry: Coming to Terms with Big Organics and Other Legal Challenges for the Industry’s Next Ten Years
A. Bryan Endres

Ethanol, Biomass, Biofuels and Energy: A Profile and Overview
L. Leon Geyer, Phillip Chong & Bill Hxue

Emerging Issues of 21st Century Agricultural Law and Rural Practice
Neil D. Hamilton

The Domestic Production Activities Deduction
Philip E. Harris

Virtue Ethics and Sustainability Policies
Richard N. Morrison & Terisha D. Driggs

Beyond Fairness: What Really Works to Protect Farmland
Jesse J. Richardson, Jr.

Got Milch?: The Effect of European Citizenship on Agricultural Estate Planning
Jennifer Ann Gumbel

Bioenergy: Fueling the Future?
Margaret J. Jennings

A New Paint Job on an ’85 Yugo: BAPCPA Improves Chapter 12 but Will it Really Make a Difference?
Mike Lowry

The McMansion: Architecture’s Role in Facilitating Urban Sprawl and Farmland Loss
Tamara Mullen

Summer 2007
Volume 12, No.2

More Than Property: An Argument for Adoption of the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
Amy B. Draeger

Not All It’s Quacked Up To Be: Why State and Local Efforts to Ban Foie Gras Violate Constitutional Law
Alexandra R. Harrington

The Legislative Aftershocks of Kelo: State Legislative Response to the New Use of Eminent Domain
Julie A. Degen

Proposing a Long-Term Solution to a Three-Part American Mess: U.S. Agriculture, Illegal Labor, and Harvest Mechanization
Sara R. Halle

FAO’s General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean: A New Role, A New Role Model
Jamie K. Murphy

Fall 2007
Volume 12, No.3

The Legal Basis for Regulatory Control of Invasive Citrus Pests in Florida: A Review of the Citrus Canker and Spreading Decline Cases
Damian C. Adams, Regina M. Keenan, Michael T. Olexa, Robert J. McGovern, and Joshua A. Cossey

More than a Mirror: The Packers and Stockyards Act, Antitrust Laws, and the Injury to Competition Requirement
Christopher M. Bass

State Authority to Regulate Biotechnology under the Federal Coordinated Framework
Doug Farquhar and Liz Meyer

Utilizing Wind Power to Offset Agribusiness Utility Costs
Jonathan Hibshman

Reeling in a Rogue Industry: Lethal E. Coli in California’s Leafy Green Produce & the Regulatory Response
Matthew Kohnke

Rapanos v. United States: “Waters of the United States” Under the Clean Water Act
Bren Mollerup

Peterson v. BASF: Fraud to Farmers or Threat tot he Herbicide Industry?
Annie S. Fox