Spring 1996
Volume 1, No.1

Dean’s Message
David S. Walker

Neil E. Harl

The Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996: Reflections on the 1996 Farm Bill
Senator Charles E. Grassley, Iowa, with James J. Jochum, Counsel and Agriculture Legislative Assistant

Tending the Seeds: The Emergence of a New Agriculture in the United States
Neil D. Hamilton

The Status of Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors
John C. Becker and Robert G. Haas

Differentiating Food Products: Organic Labeling Provisions Facilitate Consumer Choice
Terence J. Centner and Kyle W. Lathrop

Annual Review of Agricultural Law: Commercial Law Developments
Gordon W. Tanner

Hormonal Imbalance: An Analysis of the Hormone Treated Beef Trade Dispute Between
the United States and the European Union
Kristin Mueller

Public Need and Private Greed—Environmental Protection and Property Rights
Daryn McBeth

Winter 1996
Volume 1, No.2

Agricultural Production and Environmental Policy: How Should Producers Respond?
Neil D. Hamilton

Rylands v. Fletcher Revisited: A Comparison of English, Australian and American Approaches to Common Law Liability for Dangerous Agricultural Activities
J.W. Looney

Current Developments in the Law Regarding Agricultural Cooperatives
Mary Beth Matthews

A Legal Virus Attacks Farmers and Ranchers—And There Is No Vaccine: APHIS Has Left No Tort Remedies at Common Law
Paul LeRoy Crist

“It’s a Regulatory Taking, Clause the Courts Say So” Purifying the Test for Regulatory Takings
Mark E. Reisinger

Hedge-to-Arrive Contracts: The Second Chapter of the Farm Crisis
Matthew J. Cole

Fitting the Square Peg of Alternative Toxic Tort Remedies into the Round Hole of Traditional Tort Law
Kristin Bohlken