Spring 2021
Volume 26, No. 1


Combining the Academic With the Practical: A Meaningful Framework for More Effectively Resolving Distressed Agricultural Loans

Michael D. Fielding


Bioengineered Food Disclosure Compliance: Practitioners’ Perspective on What Lies Ahead 

Samuel D. Jockel & Rachel E. K. Lowe

Viability of Small to Mid-sized Agriculture 

Alexia Kulwiec


How Federal Copyright Law Supports Those Advocating for the Right to Repair 

Kaitlyn Dudding                                     

Turning the Tide: Developing a Viable Aquaculture Industry in the United States Exclusive Economic Zone 

David Ernst       

The American West’s Greatest Relic and Parasite: The Impacts of Wild Horse and Burro Management on Federal Rangelands 

Emma Grotting                                      

Summer 2021

Volume 26 No. 2


Cowtown Cartel: How the Beef Cartel has Manipulated the Industry to Exploit Beef Producers and Consumers 

Jenika Arens                                                                                                       

A Case Study of Management of IPRS in Soybean Biotechnology: Evidence From Brazil and a Successful Coexistence in Canada and USA

Nael H. Thaher, Helen Hambly Odame, & Victoria Henson-Appolonio                      


The Smell of Money: How State Legislatures Can Encourage the Production of Renewable Natural Gas From Agricultural Waste 

Michael Eppink                                                                                     

GMO Market Loss Litigation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Shelby Grabanski                                                                                  

Water Quality Along the Mississippi: Its History, Two Different State Approaches, and the Big Picture 

Sarah Schleisman                                                                                              

Summer 2021

Volume 26 No. 3


Policy Coherence of Invasive Insect Species Policies in the Southeastern United States

Kotryna Klizentyte, Dr. Damian Adams, Dr. Michael Olexa                                      

A New Neocolonial Threat: The Harmful Impact of European GMO Policy on African Food Security 

Martin Mercer                                                                                                      


Covering the Gap: Convict Leasing in Agriculture 

Audrey M. Baumgartner                                                                                    

What is My Purpose? Allowable Uses of Railroad Easements for Utility Lines

Seth Bohstedt                                                                                                     

Gut Punch: Agroterrorism and Attacks on America’s Agricultural System 

Logan Tucker