Spring 2017
Volume 22, No.1

Agricultural Antitrust Liability: What About the “Reasonable Farmer?”
John C. Monica, Jr.

Liability Prevention for Agricultural Biotechnology
Thomas P. Redick

Ensuring Indemnity: Why Insurers Should Cease the Practice of Depreciating Labor
Adam J. Babinat

Divorce and Farmland: What is the Best Solution?
Tara J. Miller

History of Agricultural Drainage and the Des Moines Waterworks Lawsuit
Nathan L. Vos

Summer 2017
Volume 22, No.2

Presidential Address
American Agricultural Law Association
Justin T. Schnieder

Old MacDonald Had a Right to Farm: Putting a Humane Twist on Missouri’s Right-to-Farm Amendment
Kael K. Bowling

Data Feast: Information-Forcing for Industrialized Agriculture
Shannon A. Hughes

Contract Harvesting and Treasury’s Farming Business Definition Executive Fiat
David R. Jenkins

Another Holy Trinity: Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, and Health. The Shortcomings of the FDA and the Path to Enlightenment
Michael C. Bootz

Homegrown: Iowa’s Farmers’ Markets, the Benefits of Direct Farm Marketing, and the Surrounding Legal Considerations
Nicholas J. Gral

The Next Generation of Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: Revising the Remedy
Alexandria C. Quinn

Fall 2017
Volume 22, No.3

Differentiating Animal Based Products Based on Production Technologies and Preventing Fraud
Terence J. Centner

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the United Kingdom: A Proposal for Moderate GMO Regulations Post-Brexit and an Opportunity in Genetically Modified Wheat
Sarah M. Dickhut

The Chicken or the Egg: A Look at Regulating Egg-Laying Hens Through Statewide Ballot Initiatives
Sean M. Murphy

Cultivating Injustice in the Richest Fields: How U.S. Labor Law Leaves Migrant Child Workers Unprotected on the American Farm
Micah P. Johnson

The Commercialization of Conservation: Using Corporate Principles to Promote Sustainability
Anna L. Jordan

Cow Palace: The Application and Likely Impact on Hog Operations in Iowa
Robert J. Larson