Spring 2018
Volume 23, No. 1


Acquisition and Disposition of U.S. Agricultural Land by Foreign Investors: Federal and State Legislative Restrictions, Limitations, and Disclosure Requirements
Marisa N. Bocci, Kari L. Larson & Paulina J. Wu

Representing Agriculture Producers at the Speed of Change
Linda L. Chezem

GMO Labeling: An Emerging Food Labeling Issue
Marne Coit & Kim Bousquet

A Perspective on Agricultural Policy in the Age of Nutrient Loss
Johnathan W. Coppess

Rural America and the Opioid Crisis: Dimension, Impact, and Response
Anne C. Hazlett

Government Programs in Agribusiness: A Comparison of the United States and Canada
Julia C. Loney

Cannabis: Regulatory and IP Landscape for Food and Agribusiness in Canada – A Legal Perspective
Melanie S. Rowland & Eileen M. McMahon

Environmental and Nuisance Regulations in Iowa: Something to Raise a Stink Over?
Samanta M. Farmer

Wetlands Mitigation for Farmers
Michael D. Rozenboom

Redefining the Waters of the United States: Did Government Overreach Just Get Trumped?
Travis L. Schilling

Summer 2018
Volume 23, No. 2


Embracing the Sharing Economy and Preparing for Risk: The CSA Experience
A. Bryan Endres, Lisa Schlessinger & Renata Endres

Feeling the Squeeze: Citrus Greening Policy in the Western Hemisphere
Michael T. Olexa & Joel T. Benn

Consumer Choice or Confusion: That GMO Label Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means
Lucas A. Westerman


Iowa’s Wetlands: How Agriculture and the Environment Can Benefit from Predictable and Manageable Conservation Practices
Andrew N. Jensen

America’s Invisible Farmers: From Slavery, to Freedmen to the First on the Land
Jordan D. Nickerson

Against the Grain: Why Middle-Sized Farmers Should Stray from Mass-Distributors and Sell Direct
Nicholas A. Rauch

Fall 2018
Volume 23, No. 3


Federal Invasive Species Policy: Incremental Approaches and the Promise of Comprehensive Reform
Damian C. Adams, Michael T. Olexa & Thomas Reynolds

High Cotton and the Low Road: an Unraveling Farm Bill Coalition and Its Implications
Johnathan W. Coppess

The Time Has Come to Reconsider Liability in Aerial Application Cases
James L. Cresswell, Jr.

The Tipping Point Source: Clean Water Act Regulation of Discharges to Surface Water Via Groundwater, and Specific Implications for Nonpoint Source Agriculture
Scott Yager & Mary-Thomas Hurt


It’s Time to Take a Second Look at Iowa’s Master Matrix
Ryan Buren

The Western Frontier: The Political Battle of National Monument Lands and Its Effects on Public Grazing Lands and the Beef Industry
Mary Margaret Francque

The Complex Move of Plum Island Research Center to Manhattan, Kansas and Potential Policy Considerations
Rashel L. Pack

Sleeper Seed: How Palmer Amaranth Infiltrated America’s Heartland
Austin James Schoek

DACA and Agriculture: Why Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Should Not Be Allowed to End
Moriah D. Umfress