Spring 2001
Volume 6, No.1

Twenty-First Annual American Agricultural Law Association Educational Conference Symposium

AALA Presidential Address
Patricia Allen Conover

A Review of U.S. Intellectual Property Law Applicable to Inventions in Biotechnology: U.S. Intellectual Property Law Continues to Demonstrate Its Adaptability to New Technology
Theodore A. Feitshans

Application of the Federal Securities Laws to Equity Interests In Traditional and Value-Added Agricultural Cooperatives
Carol R. Goforth

Legal Issues Shaping Society’s Acceptance of Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Organisms
Neil D. Hamilton

Self-Employment Tax for Farmers
Philip E. Harris

The Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000: Federal Crop Insurance, the Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program, and the Domestic Commodity and Other Farm Programs
Christopher R. Kelley

The Use of the Class Action Device in Agricultural Products Litigation
Scott S. Partridge, Kerry J. Miller, and Dr. J. Boyd Carey

The Ever Changing Landscape: Admitting Novel Scientific Evidence in Proving Liability for Pesticide Application
Bryon Gleisner

Separating Food From Culture: The USDA’s Failure to Help its Culturally Diverse WIC Population
Brandi M. King

The Dilemma of Genetically Modified Products at Home and Abroad
Mark A. King

Fall 2001
Volume 6, No.2

The Tyson Story: An Update
Dr. John D. Copeland

The Changing Landscape of America’s Farmland: A Comparative Look at Policies Which Help Determine the Portrait of Our Land—Are There Lessons We Can Learn From the EU?
Robert A. Coulthard

The Unique Role of State Trading Enterprises in World Agricultural Trade: Sifting Through Rhetoric
Michael T. Roberts

The TMDL Program: Land Use and Other Implications
Jim Vergura and Ron Jones

The Protection for New Plant Varieties of American Businesses in China After China Enters the WTO
Chengfei Ding

Genetically Modified Foods: More Reasons to Label Than Not
Sarah L. Kirby