Spring 2002
Volume 7, No.1

Twenty-Second Annual American Agricultural Law Association Educational Conference Symposium

September 11, 2001, and Agricultural Law
Steven C. Bahls

Community Conflicts Over Intensive Livestock Operations: How and Why Do Such Conflicts Escalate?
Charles W. Abdalla, John C. Becker, Ralph Hanke, Celia Cook-Huffman, Barbara Gray, and Nancy Welsh

Broiler Contracting in the United States—A Current Contract Analysis Addressing Legal Issues and Grower Concerns
Neil D. Hamilton

Value Added Cooperatives—Issues For Organization
Jeffrey A. Mollet

Shared Appreciation Agreements: Confusion and Mismanagement Threatens Family Farmers
Susan A. Schneider

StarLinkTM—A Case Study of Agricultural Biotechnology Regulation
D. L. Uchtmann

Methyl Bromide: The Problem, the Phase Out, and the Alternatives
Madonna J. Backstrom II

Legal Liability in the Wake of StarLinkTM: Who Pays in the End?
Amelia P. Nelson

Summer 2002
Volume 7, No.2

The 2002 Senate Farm Bill: The Ban on Packer Ownership of Livestock
Roger A. McEowen, Peter C. Carstensen, and Neil E. Harl

PDRs and TDRs: Land Preservation Tools in a Universe of Voluntary and Compulsory Land Use Planning Tools
Theodore A. Feitshans

Recent Developments Concerning Environmental Law and Agriculture
Linda A. Malone

Entity Preservation and Passport Agriculture: EU vs. USA
Eluned Jones

Putting a Face on Our Food: How State and Local Food Policies Can Promote the New Agriculture
Neil D. Hamilton

More Assistance Please: Lifting the Cuba Embargo May Help Revive American Farms
Alexander Williams III

The Terminator Gene: Intellectual Property Rights vs. Farmers’ Common Law Right to Save Seed
Samantha M. Ohlgart

David and Goliath: Giving the Indigenous People of the Niger Delta a Smooth Pebble—Environmental Law, Human Rights and Re-Defining the Value of Life
Koriambanya S.A. Carew

Fall 2002
Volume 7, No.3

How Safe Is the Safety Net?: The Implications of Wiley v. Glickman
Scott E. Fancher

Federal Preemption of the State Regulation of Agricultural Credit
John L. Brown

School Food: Does the Future Call for New Food Policy or Can the Old Still Hold True?
Susan Lynn Roberts

What Liability of Growing Genetically Engineered Crops?
Adam W. Jones

Left Behind: The Lack of Advanced Telecommunication Services in Rural America and Its Strain on Rural Communities—Policy Options For Closing the Digital Divide
Curt Stamp