Spring 2004
Volume 09, No.1

Twenty-Fourth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Educational Conference Symposium

John C. Becker

Essay—Food Democracy and the Future of American Values
Neil Hamilton

Policy Approaches to Address Problems Associated with Consolidation and Vertical Integration in Agriculture
Doug O’Brien

Agricultural Biotechnology Regulation: The Pew Initiative and its Stakeholder Forum
Donald L. Uchtmann

Anticorporate Farming Legislation: Constitutionality and Economic Policy
Matt Chester

Annexation in Iowa and the “Textbook Example” of a Voluntary Annexation that Hardly Seems Voluntary
Nicholas O. Cooper

Howl of the Wolf or Bark of the Bureaucrat? The Endangered Species Act, the Future of North American Wolf Reintroduction Efforts and the Dilemma of Delisting
Nicholas J. Podsiadly

Summer 2004
Volume 9, No.2

Trade Protectionism of Wine Brand Names at the Expense of American Viticultural Areas: Arbitrary Protection of “Big Liquor” at the Expense of Small Vineyards
Jay Kiiha

Should United States Antitrust Law be Applied to State Trading Enterprises in Agricultural Trade?
Anna Kingsbury

The New Deal and Food Insecurity in the “Midst of Plenty”
Guadalupe T. Luna

An Adventure for the Iowa Legislator: Venture Capital in the Value-Added Industry—A Comprehensive Look at the Iowa Agricultural Finance Corporation
Kyle C. Jackson

Federal Farm Subsidies: A History of Governmental Control, Recent Attempts at a Free Market Approach, the Current Backlash, and Suggestions for Future Action
Nathan R.R. Watson

Meatpacking Safety: Is OSHA Enforcement Adequate?
Michael S. Worrall

Fall 2004
Volume 9, No.3

State Authorized Seed Saving: Political Pressures and Constitutional Restraints
A. Bryan Endres

Sui generis Protection of Geographical Indications
Bernard O’Connor

Domestic Violence In Farming Communities: Overcoming the Unique Problems Posed by the Rural Setting
Wendy Boka

The Farmer’s Retort to Tort Reform: Why Legislation to Limit or Eliminate Punitive Damages Hurts the Agricultural Sector
Nathaniel R. Boulton

The State of Genetically Engineered Crops in the European Union Following Monsanto v. Italy and the Adoption of a New Regulatory Framework for Genetically Modified Food and Feed
Jesse Male