Spring 2019
Volume 24 No.1


AALA Turns 40
Amber S. Miller


Agriculture and Environmental Law: Focusing on Defense Strategies
James D. Bradbury, Courtney Cox Smith, & Chandler Schmitz

Corporate and Trust Ownership of Farmland: An Examination of Fiduciary Duties Applied to Soil Health and Conservation
Edward E. Cox

Legal and Economic Implications of Farm Data: Ownership and Possible Protections
Ashley Ellixson, Terry W. Griffin, Shannon Ferrell, & Paul Goeringer


Eight Steps to Understanding the Evolution of Sustainable Agriculture in the United States
Neil D. Hamilton


Unreasonable Exemptions: Analyzing the Agricultural Worker Exemptions to Workers’ Compensation Laws in Light of Rodriguez v. Brand West Dairy
Joshua A. Duden

Food Waste: A Regulatory Game?
Katelin B. Gines

Tobacco Policy Without Blowing Smoke
Robert A. Howard III

Monsanto and Mergers: How Antitrust got Borked and How Courts Can Take It Back
Raymond Joel Starks

Summer 2019
Volume 24 No. 2


Celebrating Neil Hamilton: Reflections of a Colleague and Former Dean
David S. Walker


A Concise History of the Iowa Agricultural Law Center: 1953-1973
N. William Hines


Neil Hamilton, Aldo Leopold, and the Ethics of Conservation
Jerry L. Anderson

Towards an Integrated Agricultural and Food Policy: A Role for Diet?
Michael Cardwell

What I Learned from Neil Hamilton About Developing a Research Program
Terence J. Centner

Sustainable Agricultural Land Tenure
Edward E. Cox

How Democratic is Our Food System? Brief Reflections on the State of Food Democracy in the United States
Kelly Nuckolls

Neil Hamilton’s Agricultural Localism
Anthony B. Schutz

Towards a ‘New’ Agricultural Law? Securing ‘Public Goods’ from Agriculture
Christopher Rodgers

The Legacy of Professor Neil Hamilton
Matt Russell

What I Learned from Neil Hamilton About the Important Connection Between Producers, Consumers, and Everyone Along the Way
Thomas J. Vilsack & Dustin Miller

Farming, Freedom, and Democracy: What I Have Learned from Professor Neil Hamilton
Domenico Viti

Beyond the Law: What I Learned About Agricultural Law, Mentoring, Teaching, and Success from Professor Neil Hamilton
Jennifer Zwagerman


River Kings: In California’s Imperial Valley, Who Owns the Water from the Colorado River, and What Rights Does that Ownership Confer?
John Gilbertson

International Trade Agreements and the Environment: A NAFTA and NAAEC Case Study
Tegan Jarchow

New Kid on the Block: How Blockchain Can Improve the United States Food Sector
Kyler Massner

Fall 2019
Volume 24, No. 3


High Damages or Mere Refunds? Unconscionability and Failure of Essential Purpose in Contracts for Defective Hemp Seed
Jacob Mohr

Reconfiguring Children in Food Law as an Essential Subset: Review of Food Nutrition Facts Labels
Yi Seul Kim

Agricultural Rural Takings: When Government Buys the Farm
Hillary N. Vedvig


Agriculture, Immigration, and E-Verify: Why E-Verify Will Not Solve America’s Immigration Crisis
Lucas Asbury

The Uncertainty of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What Do Agricultural Producers Need to Keep in Mind?
Riley Kock

Natural Disaster Recovery and Agriculture: How to Keep the Crops Covered
Brittany Sievers