Spring 2006
Volume 11, No.1

Twenty-Sixth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

American Agricultural Law Association Presidential Address
William C. Bridgforth

Nuisances from Animal Feeding Opersations: Reconciling Agricultural Production and Neighboring Property Rights
Terence J. Centner

Like-Kind Exhcanges: A Popular Option for Property Transfers
Neil E. Harl

No Grave Like Home: Protecting the Deceased and Their Final Resting Places from Destruction without Going Six Feed Under
Michael T. Olexa, Nancy C. Hodge & Tracey L. Owens

Agriculture in Brazil and Its Effect on Deforestation and the Landless Movement: A Government’s Attempt to Balance Agricultural Success and Social Collateral Damage
Bradley S. Romig

Cambodia’s Accession to the World Trade Organization and its Impact on Agriculture
Jillian M. Young

Summer 2006
Volume 11, No.2

Monocultures of the Law: Legal Sameness in the Restructuring of Global Agriculture
Mohsen Al Attar Ahmend, Esq. LL.M.

Uncle Same Wants You – To Eat Beef?
Rita Cain

Illinois’ Failure to Regulate Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Accordance with the Federal Clean Water Act
Danielle J. Diamond

Piling it on Thick: An Overview of Arkansas Poultry Litter Regulation
Jillian Hishaw

The Impact on Agricultural Research by Genetic Material Patents and the Need for Clarity and Reform in Patent Law for Genetic Material
Christopher E. James

Fall 2006
Volume 11, No.3

Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Genetic Resources: Farmers’ Rights and Food Security of Indigenous and Local Communities
Chidi Oguamanam

Mad Cows and Angry Plaintiffs: Why Compliance with Governmental Regulations Will Not Protect Business from Lawsuits by Individuals that Contract Mad Cow Disease
Richard O. Parry and Richard B. Malamud

Plants are Properly Patentable Under Prevailing U.S. Law and This is Good Public Policy
Edmund J. Sease and Robert A. Hodgson

A Vision of the New Deal Unfulfilled? Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Land Use Regulation
Jess Phelps

Federal Wetland Legislation: A Slough of Issues for Iowa Farmers
Alison Schroder