Spring 2003
Volume 8, No.1

Twenty-Third Annual American Agricultural Law Association Educational Conference Symposium

Contentious Issues in Agricultural Law
L. Leon Geyer

The Problem of Agricultural Concentration: The Case of the Tyson-IBP Merger
David R. Moeller

Contracting in Agriculture: Potential Problems
Joseph A. Miller

Antitrust Unfairness vs. Equitable Unfairness in Farmer/Meat Packer Relationships
Michael C. Stumo and Douglas J. O’Brien

Biopharming, Biosafety, and Billion Dollar Debacles: Preventing Liability for Biotech Crops
Thomas P. Redick

Right-of-Way Rights, Wrongs and Remedies: Status Report, Emerging Issues, and Opportunities
Nels Ackerson

Taking the Heart of the Klamath Basin: Is it Free?
Julia Muedeking

Jim “USDA” Crow: Symptomatic Discrimination in Agriculture
Kristol Bradley Ginapp

Summer 2003
Volume 8, No.2

Will Plants Finally Grow Into Full Patent Protection on an International Level? A Look at the History of U.S. and International Patent Law Regarding Patent Protection for Plants and the Likely Changes After the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in J.E.M. Ag Supply v. Pioneer Hi-Bred
Anne E. Crocker

Limiting Self-Employment Taxation of Actively Farming Landlords
Jon J. Jensen

A Potpourri of Article 9 Issues
Keith G. Meyer

Agricultural Law: A Selected Bibliography
Sally J. Kelley

Revised Article 9 and Agricultural Liens: An Iowa Perspective
Wyatt P. Peterson

Salmon, Suckers and Sorrow: Rural Cleansing Under the Shadow of the Endangered Species Act
Thomas Sarver

Fall 2003
Volume 8, No.3

The Bumpy Ride Towards the Establishment of “a Fair and Market-Oriented Agricultural Trading System” at the WTO: Reflections Following the Cancun Setback
Melaku Geboye Desta

Increased Scientific Capacity and Endangered Species Management: Lessons from the Red Wolf Conflict
Joshua M. Duke and Laura A. Csoboth

The Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program: An Analysis of the Federal Policy on United States Farmland Loss
Michael R. Eitel

The Wetlands Reserve Program: Charting A Course Through the WRP
Brian J. Oakey

The Dose Makes the Poison: Are Pesticides Defective Products?
George S. Smith and Barbara Rasco

Clarifying the Alphabet Soup of the TBT and the SPS in the WTO
Norbert L.W. Wilson

It Takes Money to Make Money: A Beginning Farmer’s Loan Tool Box
Patrick B. Dillon

State Tort Liability For Failure to Protect Against Bioterrorism
Jason E. McCollough