Spring 2014
Volume 19, No.1

The 2014 Farm Bill: Lessons in Patience, Politics, and Persuasion
Neil D. Hamilton

Coexistence of Biotech & Non-GMO or Organic Crops
Thomas P. Redick

Agrimarketing in a Social Media World
Brian Oltman

High Land Prices and the Destruction of Family Farms
Ashley Sparks

How Organic is Organic? Do the USDA’s Organic Food Production Act and National Organic Program Regulations Need an Overhaul?
Erin Toomey

Summer 2014
Volume 19, No.2

On Infertile Ground: Growing a Local Food System through Agricultural Conservation Easements
Rachel Armstrong

Disparate Opportunities for Employment: E-Verify’s Equal Protection Concerns
Dorian Slaybod

Pink Slime by Any other Name is Still Lean Finely Textured Beef: Beef Products, Inc. v. American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. & the Policy Considerations Surrounding Agricultural Product Disparagement Statutes
Leah Carlson

Arguments over Geographical Indications: Spreading the Trademark System through the Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
Gregory Maus

Agriculture Precision Farming: Who Owns the Property of Information? Is it the Farmer, the Company Who Helps Consults the Farmer on how to Use the Information Best, or the Mechanical Company Who Built the Technology Itself?
Jacob Strobel

Fall 2014
Volume 19, No.3

An Agribusiness Application for the Series Limited Liability Company
Nathaniel Vargas Gallegos

Historical Introduction to the Farm Credit System: Structure and Authorities, 1971 to Present
Richard L. Manner

International Land Grabbing: How Iowa Anti-Corporate Farming and Alien Landowner Laws, as a Model, Can Decrease the Practice in Developing Countries
Megan Dooly

The Latest Trends in Urban Agriculture
David Grapentine

Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.: What are the Effects on Cloning Extinct Animals and Agriculture now that cDNA is Patentable?
Chris Slack