Spring 2009
Volume 14, No.1

Twenty-Ninth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

American Agricultural Law Association Presidential Address: Agricultural Law Developments Shaping the Sector and Legal Practice
Roger A. McEowen

Pipelines, Power Lines, and Organic Farms
Paula Goodman Maccabee

Bioenergy and U.S. Renewable Fuels Standards: Law, Economic, Policy/Climate Change and Implementation Concerns
Bruce A. McCarl & Fred O. Boadu

Reconnecting Consumers and Producers: On the Path Toward a Sustainable Food and Agricultural Policy
Susan A. Schneider

Corporate-Farming Measures in a Post-Jones World
Anthony B. Schutz

Checking out the Checkoff: An Overview and Where We Are Now That the Legal Battles Have Quieted
Jennifer Williams Zwagerman

The Mystery of the Disappearing Honeybee: Will Government Funding and Regulation Save This Important Pollinator?
Ann N. Coenen-Davis

Pour Some Sugar In Me: How Importing and Supporting Sugarcane Ethanol Production Will Not Only Make Friends, But Save America From an Addiction to Foreign Oil or Why the United States Should Remove the Tariff on Sugarcane Ethanol
Braddock A. Massey

The Iowa Power Fund: Making Iowa the Energy Capital of the World
Matthew O’Hollearn

Summer 2009
Volume 14, No.2

Land Management in Bangladesh with Reference to Khas Land: Need for Reform
Md. Abdul Alim

Rural Development Policy and Environmental Protection: Reorienting English Law for a Multifunctional Agriculture
Christopher P. Rodgers

Coffee Trademark Licensing for Farmers: Brewing a Farmer-Owned Brand
Maria Brownell

Shall We Gather at the River: An Analysis of Iowa’s Rivers and Streams as Recreational Economic Development Resources
Edward E. Cox

Not So Fast My Friend: What the Patent Exhaustion Doctrine Means to the Seed Industry After Quanta v. LG Electronics
Jon Sievers

Fall 2009
Volume 14, No.3

Localization: Implementing the Right to Food
J.M. Greene

Antibiotics in Food Animals: The Convergence of Animal and Public Health, Science, Policy, Politics and the Law
Nancy E. Halpern

A Proposal to Regulate Farm Animal Confinement in the United States and an Overview of Current and Proposed Laws on the Subject
Elizabeth R. Springsteen

“Meeting” the Demand of China’s Pork Marketplace: A Legal Analysis to Exporting Iowa Pork Products to China
Matthew Kaufman

Iowa’s Agribusiness in a TIF
Christopher M. Nydle

Don’t Buy the Doggy in the Window: Ending the Cycle that Perpetuates Commercial Breeding With Regulation of the Retail Pet Industry
Katherine C. Tushaus