Spring 2010
Volume 15, No.1

Thirtieth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Agricultural Law Symposium & Meeting

American Agricultural Law Association Presidential Address
Maureen Kelly Moseman

Legal Issues in Local Food Systems
Derrick Braaten & Marne Coit

Economics of Antitrust in an Era of Global Agri-food Supply Chains: Litigate, Legislate and/or Facilitate?
Brian L. Buhr

The Debilitating Effects of Concentration Markets Affecting Agriculture
David A. Domina & C. Robert Taylor

The Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment Act: Protecting Pennsylvania’s Agricultural Operations from Unlawful Municipal Regulation
Ross H. Pifer

Anticompetitive Tactics in Ag Biotech Could Stifle Entrance of Generic Traits
Michael Stumo

The Encroachment of Intellectual Property Protections on the Rights of Farmers
Justin T. Rogers

Dodging the Tax Bullet: The Use of Foreign Limited Liability Companies by Retired Farmers to Limit State Inheritance Tax Liability for the Next Generation of Small Farmers
Curt S. Steger

Analysis of ISPM 15 and its Impact on the Wood Pallet Industry
Nicole Woodroffe

Summer 2010
Volume 15, No.2

The Oklahoma Poultry Industry: An Industry in the Crosshairs of Environmental Compliance
John M. Nolan

Responding Internationally to a Resource Crisis: Interpreting the GATT Article XX(j) Short Supply Exception
Ben Sharp

Waiver of Agricultural Loans: Social Justice or a Travesty Thereof?
Ravi Anand

Soil Carbon Offsets and the Problem of land Tenure: Constructing Effective Cap & Trade Legislation
Keith Duffy

Carbon Sequestration as Agriculture’s Newest Market: A Primer on Agriculture’s Role in Carbon Cap-and-Trade
Bryant M. Leonard

Rodents for Roommates: Liability Under the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act’s Housing Provision
Marc D. Stanley

Fall 2010
Volume 15, No.3

A Lease-Based Approach to Sustainable Farming, Part I: Farm Tenancy Trends and the Outlook for Sustainability on Rented Land
Edward Cox

Whose Food Security? Confronting Expanding Commodity Production and the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics
David V. Fazzino II

Competition Under the Packers and Stockyards Act: What Now?
John D. Shively & Jeffrey S. Roberts

Watch Where You’re Steppin’ Out Here: Why States Should Adopt Legislation to Promote the Diversified Farming Practice of Agritourism
Elizabeth Dooley

Chapter 12: Entrepreneur Punishment and Family Favorites
Barnes Gunn Kelley

Family Farms and the Prudent Investor Rule’s Requirement of Diversification
Dalton Kidd