Spring 1998
Volume 3, No.1

Eighteenth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Educational Conference Symposium

Challenges for Agricultural Lawyers Facing the 21st Century
Walter J. Armbruster

Jurisdictional Boundaries: Who Should Make the Rules of the Regulatory Game?
Charles W. Abdalla and John C. Becker

Farm Service Agency Credit Programs and USDA National Appeals Division
Stephen Carpenter

The Agricultural Lawyers’ Guide to the Internet
L. Leon Geyer

Right-to-Farm Laws Reconsidered: Ten Reasons Why Legislative Efforts to Resolve Agricultural Nuisances May Be Ineffective
Neil D. Hamilton

Recent Caselaw and Legislative Developments Concerning Special Use Valuation of Farm and Ranch Property
Roger A. McEowen

How a Sole Practitioner Uses the “Electronic Office” to Maintain a Competitive Law Practice
Jesse J. Richarson Jr.

The Family Farmer in Bankruptcy: Recent Developments in Chapter 12
Susan A. Schneider

Annual Review of Agricultural Law: Commercial Law Developments
Gordon W. Tanner and Lisa L. Atkinson

The Role and Responsibility of an Expert Witness
Bernalyn D. McGaughey

Food Security and Farmland Preservation
Luther Tweeten

The Unconstitutionality of Iowa’s Proposed Agricultural Food Products Act and Similar Veggie Libel Laws
Julie K. Harders

Deer and Management: A Comprehensive Analysis of Iowa State Hunting Laws and Regulations
Mindy Larsen Poldberg

Winter 1998
Volume 3, No.2

Wilbur J. Latham
David S. Walker and Neil D. Hamilton

The State Regulation of Agricultural Credit
John L. Brown

Arbitration, Expediency, and the Demise of Justice in District Courts: Another Side of the Hedge-to-Arrive Controversy
Nicholas P. Iavarone

The American Indian Agriculture Resources Management Act: Does the Winters Water Bucket Have a Hole in It?
Darla J. Mondou

The Role of Law in Promoting Sustainable Agriculture: Reflections on Ten Years Experience in the United States
Neil D. Hamilton

A Practitioner’s Guide to Iowa Manure Laws, Manure Regulations, and Manure Application Agreements
Mindy Larsen Poldberg

Casualties of the War on Tobacco: Can Farmers Survive the Anti-Tobacco Onslaught?
Jamey Pregon

The Struggle of Cities to Implement the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Context of Intergovernmental Relations
Scott D. Laufenberg

Is It Safe to Drink? The Problem of Contaminated Water and the Need for Federal Action
Christina M. Shriver