Spring 2000
Volume 5, No.1

Twentieth Annual American Agricultural Law Association Education Conference Symposium

Changes in Agriculture
Thomas Lawler

After Deregulation: Constructing Agricultural Policy in the Age of “Freedom to Farm”
Jon Lauck

Recent Developments in Estate Planning Impacting Farmers and Ranchers
Roger A. McEowen

Nuisance Revisited After Buchanan and Bormann
Jesse J. Richardsons Jr. and Theodore A. Feitshans

Current Developments in Agricultural Bankruptcies and Insolvencies
Randy Rogers

Are Financial Instruments Issued by Agricultural Cooperatives Securities?: A Framework of Analysis
Frank A. Taylor, Esq. and Patrick A. Reinken, Esq.

Champagne vs. Grape Juice: Defending, Adding, or Discovering Value at the Farm-Gate: New Strategies for the California Cooperative
Therese Tuttle

Pesticide Policies in the European Union
Grada A. Wossink and Theodore A. Feitshans

Reasonable Options for Those Who Do Not Want to Sell the Farm: Farm Leases and Farm Management Companies
Cynthia A. Miller

The Road to H-2A and Beyond: An Analysis of Migrant Worker Legislation in Agribusiness
William M. Ross

Who Will Teach Our Farmers: Learning the Value of Mentor Programs From State and Private Programs
Karin R. Zeigler

Winter 2000
Volume 5, No.2

The Tyson Story: Building an Effective Ethics and Compliance Program
Dr. John D. Copeland

U.S.-Canada Agricultural Trade Issues
Catherine Curtiss and Alan Kashdan

The Making of Article 9 Section 9-312(2) into Model Provision Section 9-324A: The Production Money Security Interest: Finally a Sensible ‘Superiority’ for Crop Finance
Jason Finch

Agriculture’s New Environmental Battleground: The Preemption of County Livestock Regulations
Christopher A. Novak

Advanced Economic Development, International Trade, and Farmers: Is the New Global Economy Bad News for Agricultural Workers?
Geoffrey Rapp

Reintroduction of the Gray Wolf: The Battle Over the Future of Endangered Species Policies
Christopher T. Cook

A Fighting Chance: An Examination of Farmers’ New Freedoms and Familiar Problems Under the H-2A Guestworker Program
Theodore C. Simms II

Gulf Hypoxia: Can a Legal Remedy Breathe Life into the Oxygen-Depleted Waters?
Sarah White

The Farmer Cooperative Movement as a Tragedy
Jon Lauck