Spring 2016
Volume 21, No.1

Overcoming the Presumption: Practical Considerations for Corporate and Agribusiness Litigants Seeking Removal Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Dart Cherokee Basin Operating Co, LLC v. Owens
Nowell D. Berreth and Elizabeth Broadway Brown

Legal Issues on the Farm Data Frontier Part I: Managing First-Degree Relationships in Farm Transfers
Shannon L. Ferrell, J.D

The Constitutionality of GMO Disclosure Requirements
Joshua S. Furman

Schmeiser v. Bowman: A Comparative Analysis of the Decisions, Patent and Antitrust Principles of Innovation, and Proposals of Patent Exhaustion in Self-Replicating Technology
Nicholas Akogyeram II

Who Cares? A Stakeholder Analysis of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Agricultural Soils
Caitlin Andersen

SNAP Retailer Redemption Data: Is More Transparency in the Future for the Nation’s Largest Anti-Hunger Program?
Kelly Nuckolls

Summer 2016
Volume 21, No.2

GLOBALG.A.P. and Agricultural Producers: Bridging Latin American and the European Union
Ana Cristina Carrera

Agriculture and the Law: Can the Legal Profession Power the Next Green Revolution?
Dan Jacobi, Caitlin Andersen

Angry Bird: How Effective is NAFTA’s Ongoing Fight Against Avian Influenza?
Clé Holly

No Time to Cry over Spilt Milk: The Effect of the European Milk Quota Repeal on American Dairy Farmers
Tyler R. Smith

Finally a Solution? How Animal League Defense Fund v. Otter Could Affect the Constitutionality of Iowa’s Ag-Gag Law
Marshall Tuttle

The FDA, Its “Guidances,” and the Industries It is Supposed to Regulate
Jered D. Headrick

Fall 2016
Volume 21, No.3

Seizing the “Organic Moment”: Cuba’s Agricultural Crossroads and Certified Organic Export Potential
Wesley J. Hevia, Michael T. Olexa, Thomas T. Ankersen and William A. Messina, Jr.

Earth Friendly Agriculture for Soil, Water, and Climate: A Multijurisdictional Cooperative Approach
Todd Edwards and Matt Russell

The Battle Over America’s Farmlands: Corporate Farming Practices and Legislative Attempts at Preserving the Family Farm
J. Michael Boomershine Jr.

Should Iowa Adopt the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act?
Kyle Earley

Allowing Farmers to “Take Back” What’s Theirs: Adoption of the Revocable Life Estate Deed
Brody Swanson