Spring 2015
Volume 20, No.1

Support for Local Food in the 2014 Farm Bill
Marne Coit

To Disclose or Not To Disclose: When Rule 1.6 Can Make You Sick – Ethics and Duties Down on the Farm
L Leon Geyer and Stephen Guardipee

Litigation and Regulatory Challenges to Innovation in Biotech Crops
Thomas P. Redick, Megan R. Galey, and Theodore A. Feitshans

Smithfield and Shuanghui: Implications on the American Agricultural System and the Government’s Flawed Review Process
Andrew Ewing

Genetically Modified Organisms, Religiously Motivated Concerns: The Role of the “Right to Know” in the GM Food Labeling Debate
Josh Glasgow

Class Dismissed: Forty-Nine Years Later, Recreational Use Statutes Finally Align with Legislation’s Original Intent
Michael Lunn

Summer 2015
Volume 20, No.2

Pigs in a Pen: The Multi-Faceted Impact of Feral Swine on Michigan’s Agricultural and Environmental Communities
Kathleen Darcy

Is the Turkey Halal? Genetically Modified Animal Feed Regulation Where East Meets West
Jennifer E. Spreng

From the Farm to the Gulf: Managing Nutrient Runoff Through Numeric Nutrient Standards
Jesse Johnston

Poultry from China: Is the United States Valuing Trade Interests Over Public Health?
Katrina Shanahan

Drone on the Farm: The Benefits and Controversies Surrounding the Future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Agriculture
Emily K. Upchurch

Fall 2015
Volume 20, No.3

Non-Amenable Meat Consumption, Sale, and Regulation: Bison, Beef, and Bambi, Oh My! All Meats are Not Created Equal
Elizabeth S. Byrd, Nicole J. Olynk Widmar, and John G. Lee

Old MacDonald Hid a Farm: Examining Arizona’s Prospects for Legalizing Industrial Hemp
Michael D. Moberly

SZ Enterprises v. Iowa Utilities Board: Impact on Rural Iowa
Natalie Ginty

Food Safety Modernization Act’s Produce Rules: Is the Increased Flexibility Actually a Burden on the Farmer?
Sara Roland

Missing Childhood: How Cultural Norms and Government Systems Continue to Support Child Labor in Agriculture
Meret Thali